So here I am. I just want to start out by explaining what my intentions are for this:
  • Keeping track of how difficult it ends up being to NOT drink while in college.
  • Maybe make a few friends? Maybe not?
  • Generally discuss what it’s like to be a college kid in modern times at a large college.
So it’s the second weekend of my college experience, which also happens to be my roommates birthday weekend… WOOOOO! not. This brings a plethora of parties, as if I hadn’t dodged enough last weekend with all the opening week festivities. It’s tough being me around this place. I make a bunch of friends just to learn that they are party crawlers. I’m just not into that. Make fun of me if you want but it’s just me. I’m not going to change for this.
You see, this idea on my part that parties are bad news has stemmed from a very long childhood and horror stories. For instance the other day, sitting in my World Civ class, a kid told me a story about his weekend which consisted of bad times.
“I was at a party drinking my vodka, which I deemed cheap and disgusting, so I diluted it with some orange juice in a carton. Next thing you know I speculate I’m high on ‘E’ being a complete jerk to everyone.”
I don’t think I EVER want that to happen to me. That’s just one of many horror stories I’ve heard this week about frat parties around here. Now can anyone tell me why someone is OK with that even being a possibility when they go out??
Also off topic, schools have to have handicap friendly facilities, even in the sixth floor bathroom… but when there’s a fire drill and/or alarm, you can’t use the elevator… only the stairs. How does that work?!

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